Lend Your Voice

We have three different areas:

1.) Social Responsibility
As a nonprofit, BMX-DC advocates for a new paradigm for HIV frame work be built with BMSM. BMX-DC is demanding that HIV prevention risk-reduction and behavior change interventions be brought back from the margins of national prevention policies and made equal with testing so as to form a comprehensive national prevention policy for Black MSM. The heart of the BMX-DC is formed by hundreds of people committed to building a meaningful future for our communities of color. Advocating with BMX-DC promotes the charitable work we do and the benefits we bring
to the community. We support policies that promote philanthropy and reasonable reforms that promote good governance, accountability and transparency. BMX-DC is also committed to enriching and providing volunteer opportunities for our members and the thousands of volunteers who have help provide our programs and activities.

2.) Headliners
Headliner is a way to write articles, produce news features, and commentary for BMXDC. Research By researching and writing stories on issues that are important to the SGL Black community for publication in our blog and monthly newsletter, or radio advertisement or web series. The aim for Headliners, is to let BMX-DC members at large to express their ideas and opinions in whatever their background.

3.) Lend Your Voice
Tell family, friends and colleagues about BMX-DC and its mission and its work through our Facebook page.