Peer Advisory Committee

The Peer Advisory Groups’ mission is to create both an effective platform that leverages the experiences and collective wisdom and skills of our Developmental Committee Members (DCM) by functional areas and an effective infrastructure in which these more tenured members can share such resources, ideas and visions with their peers. The group would meet monthly at a location, time and date determined by the individual group. At least 80% attendance at group meetings and active participation is required. No DCM or BMX-N committee members are present during discussion. All members are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement upon acceptance into a group

They meet two (2) hours to present challenges and opportunities for peer advice and feedback.  The group allows members to share from their own experience and help their peers while getting guidance and insight in return.

Benefits include: 

  1. Get help each month with the decisions necessary to achieve your goals and objectives.
  2. Advisory members will help open our eyes (DCM) to alternatives and opportunities that you may not have known exist. You will find out what you don’t know you don’t know.
  3. Avoid mistakes by learning how our peers faced and solved similar challenges.
  4. View things from a broader perspective as we learn about the challenges our peers are currently facing. Think more creatively about solutions to our leadership problems.
  5. Get the help we need to redefine your role in your community and develop our vision.
  6. Benefit from a network of resources from our advisory board. Learn new techniques and skills for problem solving by being part of a “think tank”.

Duties Encompass:

  • Manage Tumblr Page
  • Planning All Social Outings
  • Planning after forum dinner locations
  • Advertising for BMX
  • Update FaceBook Calendar
  • Send out Tweets on behalf  BMX Twitter page
  • Schedule greeters during BMX forums