DCM – Developmental Committee

BMX-DC Executive Officers (The Developmental Committee Member)

The Developmental Committee (DCM) of the BMX-DC Chapter consists of all current BMX-DC leadership members and shall function as the coordinating body of the BMX-DC Chapter. The DCM manages the affairs and control the funds and property of the BMX-DC chapter.

The DCM approves all appointments; and adopt or add mend necessary Governance procedures, provided that none of the BMX National Officers and/or Board members  Bylaws conflict with or modify the actions or directives of BMX-DC or be inconsistent with the purpose of the organization.

The BMX-DC DCM chose a representative for all BMX  National meetings unless one or more DCM members are appointed by a BMX National accurate account of BMX National meeting proceedings.

The selected member of the DCM shall keep, or cause to be kept, minutes of meetings of the DCM and other official Chapter meetings. The minutes of each meeting shall state the time and place of each meeting, whether it was regular or special, To become a member of the BMX-DC DCM, an individual (s) most go through a series of Leadership trainings and development, before being selected on a trial basis, then that individual (s) are appointed to a position on the DCM. If interested please submit  a letter of interest to: info@bmxdc.org.