BMX is the organization that gives me a chance to become involved in shaping the future of this community and in spreading awareness of same gender love through partnerships & working together to have one voice on the issues important to us as black gay men” -C Jay Bennett.

I always leave BMX events with a sense of family and connectivity to other SGL brothers in my community.  Each event provides a rare opportunity for the cross-generational and judgement-free sharing that rarely takes place in our community.
-Shaun Allende, Esq.

The BMX program is an unforgettable experience. You make lifelong friends and experience parts of individuals perspectives you never thought you’d identify with. The memories I made while coming will be with me forever and I doubt that many experiences will ever rival my time in Washington, DC.  -Quincy Dinnerson, Raleigh, NC

I had an opportunity to really delve into and learn in-depth information on what gay history was all about…. So, here I am. It hasn’t been an easy process, but I’ve learned a lot about racism within the gay community. A lot of people I’ve encountered insist on telling me that it isn’t like this today. I inform them by saying; racism still exists in this community and throughout the country. You can’t spend your time blaming imperfect people.’ I searched for my answers with an open heart, without blame, and I got them. Anyone can do the same.” This context was capture through the BMX forum title, Learning the SGL history.
-Greg B.

BMX has changed my perspective as a “Same Gender Loving Male” and the quality of future relationships that I will hopefully find in the future in a much more healthy and positive manner. The brotherhood from the group is very uplifting and bonding, and I think that all men of color should experience this refreshing and enlightening group at lest once, because they will want to come back for more. -Aaron Whistle

As a Black SGL man, Often times I am not surrounded by examples of positive reflections of men like myself who have sacrificed time, effort, and energy in the service of this community and our way of life. But since my involvement with the Black Men’s XChange DC I fully appreciate the efforts of these brothers each week by making a strong desire to make a greater contribution to the Black SGL community. -Ian Edwards

As expected, I love BMX, but more so, how I have grown in areas that I did not expect. I feel more confident with my sexuality, since adopting a same gender loving frame of reference, I’m more proud of my cultural background, and more appreciative of the opportunities critical thinking has changed in my life!  -J.D. ’13

I am not sure I can adequately describe my BMX experience and its effects, but I will try. Since I’ve been attending the BMX-DC forums, most of them if not all were life transforming. BMX is rather intensive in its approach; yet, but after coming into self-awareness and self-reflection I look at my life now with a more deeper clarity and understanding and who I am as a person, culturally, sexually and spiritually. -Dee Jay


“As a result of coming to BMX meetings, I feel extremely well prepared to share my perspective as a Black Gay Man with my family. The examples I learned were valuable and quite useful.”  -BMX Member at Large

BMX is a place where I meet, learn and share with other leaders from across the city. It is a vital support for community leadership. I found out that BMX trains leaders and potential leadership an opportunity to develop and refine their skills.” -Willis

This is a group of men that understand me. Both my successes and my struggles. I can find a mentor and be a mentor at BMX.” -Jason B.

The most significant benefit that I’ve experienced is the confidence I have gained in myself to take on challenges at work, home and any where I go that others shy away from or avoid all together. I love that sense of accomplishment! Attending the local BMX meetings give me the affirmation that energizes me and it’s a huge lift to my spirit! – Kevin H.