Why is it difficult for SGL men to wear condoms?


Why do some SGL dudes refuse to put condoms on? I mean, I can’t sit here and say that slip-ups don’t happen because I’ve had them myself. Lately, however, I’ve met a lot of people who are absolutely against the use of condoms; my reaction: really though?! I’ve heard the excuses: “they don’t feel natural,” “they are inconvenient,” and “it takes away from the fantasy.” The reality is safe sex can and should be included in your fantasy. I’ve heard so many graphic horror stories about brother getting unwanted gifts and clinic visits. If you watch porn these days in most cases you don’t see a condom. It’s almost 2014, and we all know about HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases. There is too much information out here for you not to be aware of the risks of having unprotected sex, especially if you plan on having a healthy and active sex life. Safe sex can be sexy. In my opinion, there’s nothing more attractive than the respect you feel when a dude takes the time to protect himself and protect you before you get it in. Also, have you seen the selection of condoms that are out now? There are so many types, designs, flavors, textures and other enhancements; I most recently, I re-incorporated “outer course” back into the sex situations! I’m like a kid in a candy store when trying different things with sex & intimacy. Here I am going to introduce you to four condom brands that can get you more excited about safe sex.

  • Kimono MicroThin® Condoms: Great condom, it feels ultra-natural and like being totally bare, fits snug and will not come off.
  • Trojan Bareskin ®: These are 40 percent thinner than their other condoms and they actually feel a little more natural. They are lubricated and surprisingly strong.
  • Trojan Magnum XL® : The MAGNUM condom by far is a great condom for girth and length, it is a much better fit, and has made my experience better and with less worry and hassle.
  • FC Female condom ® I really like this product. It is closer to natural sex that any male condom. I have never had a problem with slippage, breakage, or bunching. The only down side is: it’s hard for guys being on the bottom to insert them, I would recommend anyone who doesn’t like using regular condoms to at least try this contraceptive.
  • Story by BMX blogger Marcus

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