Leadership Search

NATIONAL SEARCH: Prominent, 25 year old, national organization searching for fresh; Black/African affirming; vital mind and body possessing; conscious, confident and secure; emotionally healthy; forward-thinking; culturally clear and committed; non-racism accommodating or conformist; bright and ambitious, strategy-centered; and even tempered individual(s) to be mentored toward ultimately heading-up the nation’s oldest and largest community-based national movement and leader in engaging and effecting critical consciousness (or thinking), cultural affirmation, advocacy and behavioral excellence among Black males diverse in class, culture, philosophy, gender-perspective and sexuality – ages 18 and up.

Organization is searching for the leadership-minded to represent (in community and national T.V., print and radio media contexts), and work with the Board to maintain organization’s innovations and highly emulated archetypes, projects and programs, and prepare and guide organization into the future.

Interested and qualified individuals please send Statement of Interest and description of relevant capability and experience to BMXNational@gmail.com c/o CEO/Founder Cleo Manago and the BMX National Mentee Search Committee.

“You only live once, make it matter to your people, community and legacy.”

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